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Quartz Infrared Lamps (QIL)


Quartz infrared lamp is a high efficiency heating radiator that can heat up to 900 XC and cool down in seconds.
It is made of high purity of quartz tube and Tungsten wire, filling with halogen gases inside the tube to protect tungsten wire and avoid filament oxidation when working.

The emitted radiation of the lamps is much more effective than other heat transmission methods such as convection or conduction heating.
Objects or their surfaces can be heated up from rather distant light source even through a glass window.
  Instant radiation from the lamp allows fast and flexible thermal processes.
The color temperature of quartz infrared lamps is around 2400 to 2500XK.
Quartz infrared lamp is a short wave IR emitter. The IR wavelength of the radiation emission is between 1 to 2 g.
The lamp can equip with all kinds of ceramic caps.
The length and material of the sleeves can be custom by customer's request.
The quartz tube can be coated with a layer of gold or ceramic as a reflector.
The use of reflectors enables accurate aiming of the radiation and raising the infrared output.
The average working life of the lamp lasts 5000 hours.
In addition to the standard straight tube, we also developed the quartz infrared lamps in various different shapes and sizes.
Our products are available in different forms matched to different requirements.
The lamps could be designed and manufactured according to the customer's request or drawing.
Various Types of Quartz Infrared Lamps