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As energy costs keep rising, you may consider efficiency measures to save energy and curb energy costs. Process heating accounts for a high percentage of energy use for most industries. Infrared heating technology, a clean and efficient heat transfer measure, is a great solution for your business.

Method of Heat transmission
Conduction Convection Radiation

In general, conduction and convection require heat-transmitting media such as solid, liquid, or gas. However, in the process of heat transmission by conduction and convection , most of heat is wasted. Radiation has higher thermal efficiency by directly transmitting the heat to the object without requiring any media.
Infrared radiation, one of the electromagnetic radiations, travels in a straight line at the speed of light from the heat source. In the process of travel, the energy of infrared radiation is not absorbed by air and directly transmits the heat to heated substance from the heat source; therefore infrared radiation is a very efficient source of radiant energy. Infrared radiation can save the process time and reduce the energy costs when applied in the industrial use.

Comparison of Different Heating Source
  Hot Air Tubular Metal Heater Medium wave I.R. Quartz Emitter Short Wave I.R. Quartz Emitter
Physical Strength medium high medium medium
Accuracy of Temperature Control Low Medium Medium High
Dust Pollution High Medium Low Low
Radiant Efficiency Low Medium High High
Max. Temperature of element surface 400 ¢XC 700 ¢XC 600 ¢XC 750 ¢XC
Life 2 year 1-2 year 1-2 year 5000 hrs
Heat Up very slow slow fast (1-2 mins) very fast (1-2 secs.)
Infrared Emission Long Wave Long Wave Medium Wave Short Wave

Spectral Energy Disribution of I.R. Emitters

Features and Applications of Infrared Heating
Infrared radiation, a clean and efficient heating solution, has the following features and can be extensively used in many industries.

IR heaters are used when high temperatures are required, fast responses are needed or products need to be heated in certain areas in a targeted way.


Reduction of heat loss due to    radiation Immediate heat-up and cool down
High radiation efficiency Clean heating element
Cost effective High constancy of temperature providing
High radiation intensity in a desired     area Gold coating or ceramic coating on back side of emitters as a     reflector
Free clamp fixture Custom specifications are available

Wood drying Powder coating Painting drying
Automobile Packaging Pre-heat of PCB
Food industry Paper drying Ceramic
Ink drying Laminating Sealing
Textiles Laser printer Copy machine
PET bottle machine Metal industry Glassware
Home appliance Furniture industry Water curing
Fan heater Semi-Conductor industry Solar cell equipments