Twin Tube Infrared Emitters



  • Twin tube infrared emitters are two infrared emitters combined as one, creating more heat transmission within a small area.The special "8"-shaped double-tube infrared heater is made of high-purity double-hole quartz tube, with more concentrated heating and higher power.
  • Our twin tube IR emitters can provide a longer heating element; a total length of the emitters up to 4M
  • Our emitters are available in the following dimension : 8.5 x 17mm ,11 x 23mm and 15 x 33mm
  • Both vertical and horizontal emitters are available. 
  • The gold coated or ceramic layer on the back can reflect radiant heat, concentrate the heating, and
  • reduce the temperature of the non-heating direction on the back.
  • Various heating methods and wiring methods can be made according to customer requirements.
  • Standard and customized non-standard specifications can be produced according to requirements.