Ruby Infrared Lamps ( Gold Lamps)
Quartz Heaters (QH)
  • Quartz Heaters with Screw (QH-S)
  • Quartz Heaters with Wires (QH-W)
Quartz Infrared Lamps (QIL)
  • Various Types of Quartz Infrared Lamps
Twin Tube Infrared Emitters
  • Twin Tube Medium Wave IR Emitters
  • Twin Tube Short Wave IR Emitters(T-SW)
  • Twin Tube Fast Medium Wave IR
Star Filament For Quartz Infrared Lamps
and Twin Tube Infrared Emitters
Special Infrared Emitters
Infrared Emitters with Reflectors
Clamps for quartz infrared lamps and
twin tube infrared emitters

About Us

Honesom Enterprise Co., Ltd.,
Honesom, a manufacturer of high quality infrared heating emitters, would like to introduce a variety of our
superior products.
Company profile
Honesom is specialized at infrared emitters and offers our customers a broad range
of products that match their business needs.
The products we produce play an important role in many products such as industrial drying machine, curing equipments, and other consumer products.
Honesom's Main Products

Quartz infrared lamp
Twin Tube Short wave I.R. emitters
Twin Tube Medium wave I.R. emitters
Twin Tube Fast medium wave I.R. emitters
With great accumulated knowledge and experience, Honesome provides not only high quality products but also comprehensive services and support to the customers. Please contact us if you would like to obtain further information about Honesom.