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R & D, design, manufacture of various standard and customized infrared heating lamps, the products are widely used in various industrial heating, baking, drying, high temperature annealing, sintering and other processes.



Infrared heating lamp technical description

Infrared heating characteristics and applications

Infrared heating is a clean and efficient heating method, widely used in various industrial equipment that requires rapid heating, no pollution, and energy saving.


The installation giude of lamps

The temperature in the oven basically is decided by the wattage of lamp, then the distance to targeted heating subject and distance to each lamp.


heating method

The heating and drying of objects, or various processing after heating, are inseparable from the heater. Choosing the correct heater can avoid heat loss, achieve the best effect, save energy and reduce costs


Infrared lamp working life

The average lifespan of infrared lamps is about 5000 hours under normal use conditions, but due to different use environments, the lifespan of each lamp will not be the same. The lifespan of some lamps can reach 6000 or 7000 hours, and some lamps may Tube life is only up to 1000 or 2000 hour.


Sealing part life and temperature

The temperature of the sealing part should not be heated above 350 degrees Celsius


Choose the right Infrared lamp

Different substances have different infrared absorption spectra, and have different absorption intensities for different wavelengths of infrared rays.



Various lamp pictures

Honesom is specialized at infrared emitters and offers our customers a broad range of products that match their business needs.

The products we produce play an important role in many products such as industrial drying machine, curing equipments, and other consumer products.