Infrared heating characteristics and applications

Infrared heating is a clean and efficient heating method, widely used in various industrial equipment that requires rapid heating, no pollution, and energy saving.

  • Reduce heat loss and save electricity
  • Immediate and rapid heating and coolin
  • clean components that do not contaminate workpieces.
  • heat concentration
  • Easy to install
  • Highest thermal efficiency
  • Gold coated or ceramic reflector, which can avoid the use of reflector and concentrate heat on the heated object
  • Various standard gauges and customized sizes can be produced according to demand.
  • with clamps, easy to install on various equipment and machines.


Because of the different heating elements, infrared heaters will have different wavelengths and emit different radiant heat energy.

Since different wavelengths of infrared will have different effects in the heating process, it is necessary to choose a suitable infrared heater for your heated object.

Short-wave infrared rays can penetrate most solid substances to ensure even heating of the product.

For example: metals, silicon wafers. Most of the mid-wave infrared rays can only be absorbed by the surface of the object, and are aimed at heating the surface of the object.

For example: plastic materials, glass, especially water or liquid solvents are more likely to absorb mid-wave infrared radiation, and so are drying processes.