About Us

俊誠實業Honesom Enterprise Co., Ltd.,

俊誠實業專業於生產各種標準及特殊紅外線加熱燈管,產品廣泛應用在各種工業 加熱、烘烤、乾燥及家用電器,為您提供最佳之紅外線加熱元件。

Company profile
Honesom is specialized at infrared emitters and offers our customers a broad range
of products that match their business needs.
The products we produce play an important role in many products such as industrial drying machine, curing equipments, and other consumer products.

With great accumulated knowledge and experience, Honesome provides not only high quality products but also comprehensive services and support to the customers. Please contact us if you would like to obtain further information about Honesom.