• Quartz heater is a high effciency elements, made of pure quartz tube and Fe-Cr-Al or Ni-Cr resistance wire. Quartz heater is a medium wave infrared emitter the emits infrared wavelength around 2-4μ. The operating temperature is up to 800-950°C 
     The advantages of quartz heaters including : 
  • Reach the operating temperature and cool down in seconds.
  • Rapid response to the power control.
  • High effciency and energy saving.
  • No dust whirl and odor; hence save to people and enviornment.
  • The quartz tubes could be made of transparent tubes or translucent tubes, outside diameter from 4mm to 20mm and overall length from 100mm to 3000mm
  • Quartz heaters are available in a variety of wattages and voltages. Customized design is welcome.

Quartz heaters with screw (QH-S) : 10mm、14mm、17mm、18mm、20mm