The infrared spectrum is closer to the medium wave, so it is suitable for the process of rapid drying. Because it can heat up and down in a short time, it can also be used for short-term heating

      • color temperature 1800°K
      • IR wavelength between short wave and medium wave
      • response time around 1 ~ 2 seconds
      • average working life 7000 hours
      • max. overall length up to 3M
      • gold or ceramic coating at rear sides as a reflector
      • vertical and horizontal emitters are available.
      • Type of single Fast medium wave : we povide dia.6、8、10、11、13 and 15mm

        Star filament for Quartz Infrared Lmaps 

    • Specially designed star filament can effectively reduce the color temperature of lamps so that the lamps can emit infrared with longer wavelength
    • Star filament lamps are ideally subsituted for the carbon lamps 
    • The average working life is around 7000 hours
    • Star filament lamps can be used on both single tube and twin tube infrared emitters.