Ruby lamps - 360° gold coated lamps


  • The exterior of the Ruby lamp is coated with a layer of gold all over the tube, which largely reduces the visible glare without decreasing the IR emission and heating rate.
    This design is ideally sutiable for any applications where glare is undersirable.

  • Ruby lamp emits warm red light and could be widely used in outdoor or indoor heating device. Ruby lamp delivers the heat to people fast and directly without heating the surrounding air due to the nature of radiation. It has no dust or pollution during operation. Thus, it is not only an energy-effiency systen but also a clean and system and environmental friendly heating solution.

  • Specially designed coating is fixed to the lamp and is not easily peeled off or ageing. The lamp has working life over 7000 hours.

  • Lamps in overall length 357.5mm/ heated length 280mm, wattage of 500w, 1000w, 1500w, and 2000w are available. Lamp with longer length is currently under developing.