Infrared lamp working life

The average lifespan of infrared lamps is about 5000 hours under normal use conditions, but due to different use environments, the lifespan of each lamp will not be the same. The lifespan of some lamps can reach 6000 or 7000 hours, and some lamps may Tube life is only up to 1000 or 2000 hour.

The so-called normal use conditions should not include the following conditions: The temperature of the use environment also directly affects the lifespan, the glass sealing parts at both ends of the lamp tube should not be heated above 350 degrees Celsius; Both will seriously affect the service life and cause damage to the lamp tube.


Secondly, unstable power supply is also an important factor for lamp damage. It is necessary to supply a stable voltage that matches the lamp. Furthermore, the surface of the lamp tube should not be dirty, or left with fingerprints, sweat stains, or external force to cause cracks or damage to the glass tube.


If the surface temperature of the heating lamp exceeds 800°C, it may accelerate the crystallization and whitening of the lamp surface, resulting in damage. (If the process conditions exceed 800°C, the lifetime of 5000 hours is not guaranteed)